IFIL goes beyond justbeing a shop that sells wool. We have wanted to create a space where people canlearn how to knit in a fast, easy and fun way. Our clients will find in IFILattractive ideas and clothes for all levels (beginners, medium and advanced) andwe cover the babies, kids, woman, man and home universes. Furthermore, eachpiece of clothes has very visual and easy to follow instructions.

IFIL is also a placeto develop the creativity and feel the value and personal satisfaction of whatone can make with their own hands. We have displayed other values tied to theconcept of the shop in the walls by using vinyl with messages like: 40%simplicity, 30% creativity, etc. We want to make a tribute to knitting.Knitting allows to relax, to appreciate the unique part of each creation, it awakesthe imagination, and it allows feeling the magic of the manual work, to stopthe time, to get excited about knitting a present. Furthermore, it offers thefreedom to choose the color, the texture and the shape that you want and the biggerfinal value is that you are the author of the result and this is why our sloganis “100% made by me”. And all this without forgetting that it is a space whereyou can meet very diverse people with who you can share a hobby and you canalso end up developing new friendships.


 IFIL rises from a word game: “I” (first person of the singular in English” and “fil”, the Catalan word for thread and also the phonetic pronunciation of the verb feel in English. Why? Because… knitting is feeling! Feeling creative, unique, free, relaxed, and capable of anything… and feeling allows getting excited.