Our products catalogue includes designs for babies, kids, men, women and home. These collections have the goal to inspire, so that by using them, each person can create their own model. And they have the added value that they have been developed so that those who do not know how to knit, can find pieces of clothes with very easy patterns that offer a wide range of shapes.

Each piece of clothes has a card that shows the number of ribbons and needles that are needed to knit the piece. In the self-service zone you can choose the wool, and the pattern will be printed at the cash, so that the client leaves the shop with everything that he/she needs to knit the project. With every purchase, we will give a knitted “100% handmade by me” label (also available in Catalan and Spanish), so that everyone can “claim” their creation by putting the label in the final piece.

Each universe (baby, women, home…) has pieces of clothes from the three knitting difficulty levels: beginners, medium and advanced. Therefore, when someone comes to the shop, they can choose the piece of clothes that adapts to their level and also to their pocket, because a scarf can be done from 5,80 €. Each season there will be between two and three new collections in IFIL.